Kate Gude Special Events

Virtual Events

Whether you choose to transition to an on-line auction (all remote) or host a virtual auction that includes a live stream element (live speakers, emcees, auctioneer), Kate Gude Special Events can guide you through the process, along with a team of experienced technology partners. Let us take the lead  so that you and your staff can focus on what is most important. We have assembled a team of experts and crafted support packages specifically designed to help maximize your fundraising success and support our new virtual events world.

Virtual events need an experienced show producer to ensure professional and seamless execution and this service offering is designed to help you guide you through the transition from a live event to a virtual one. This is a comprehensive planning package to bring all the elements of your virtual event to together successfully.

The online bidding platform is a critical component of any virtual fundraising event. Online bidding can come with a learning curve and adapting online bidding to fit a virtual auction model requires someone who has a deep understanding of auction software. We have partnered with Greater Giving and provide full service support. We can also support a myriad of online bidding platforms.

Virtual Event Management

Virtual events need a seasoned project manager ”show producer” to ensure professional execution and this offering is designed to help guide you through the transition from a live event to a virtual event. This is a comprehensive planning package to bring all the elements of your virtual event together for a seamless show flow the night of your event for your organization!

Tasks include:

  • Project management
  • Creation of run of show and script documents
  • Consultation on program flow including Emcees, Auctioneer, CEO or Executive Director or other VIP speakers or representatives of your non-profit organization.
  • Coordination with your chosen Auctioneer or recommendation of a seasoned Auctioneer
  • Design guidance to ensure all graphics and visual assets & aspects are optimized for broadcast format with your AV/Production Partner
  • Coordination of all necessary media (videos, slide decks, graphics) with your AV/Production Partner
  • Recommendations for pre & post event communication
  • Recommendations for pre show entertainment
  • Recommendations for “WOW Package” or VIP experiences
  • Rehearsal management prior to live event


Auction Software & Online Bidding Support

Creating an event website within your Auction Bidding Platform and Online bidding is a critical and time-consuming component of any virtual fundraising event. Setting up your event within an Online Bidding Platform and creating a complete event website can come with a steep learning curve for your staff. Adapting online bidding to fit a virtual auction model requires someone who has a deep understanding of auction software and the time necessary to do the job correctly.

Tasks include:

  • Implementation of online bidding software
  • Consultation on guest registration procedures
  • Set up of all necessary auction pages/links, such as registration, silent and live auction, in kind donations, etc.
  • Real time management of bidding during the auction
  • Assistance with data imports/exports between your auction software and your standard donor database
  • Reconciliation post event of auction revenue and guest communication generated from auction bidding software.


Event Committee Support

Event Committees need organization and direction when working to support a non profit event raise funds. We streamline this process by leading the committee and working with the committee in all the areas needed for a successful fundraising event.

Tasks include:

  • Working with the Chair or Co-Chairs of your event
  • Working with the event committee on auction solicitation
  • Working with the event committee to provide forms and links to make the auction procurement process more streamlined
  • Creating donor forms and templates for auction donation solicitation
  • Creating templates for in kind donations
  • Coordinating receipt of all auction items and in-kind donations
  • Entering auction items and in-kind donations into Auction Software & Bidding Platform
  • Procuring all visual assets for Auction items for event website
  • Recognizing in-kind donors on the event website within the Auction Software and Bidding Platform
  • Working with your organization after the event for auction item packaging, pick-up or delivery.


Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation
MDF Virtual Gala 2020

The Discovery Counseling Center of the San Ramon Valley
An Evening of Music & Laughter

Save the Redwoods League
Take Me to the Trees – A Redwoods Celebration

Global Offsite Care
Pinot & Pizza Virtual Benefit

Auctioneer Partners

Dee Dee Kiesow, Fundraising Strategist & Benevent Auctioneer
Six Figure Fundraising & Benevent Auctions

Greg Quiroga, Stellar Fundraising Auctions

Zan Auctions, Zan Aufderheide

Chad Carvey, Principal Auctioneer

Frank Bizzarro
Bizzarros – Gala & Event Auctions

Technology Partners

The Lux Productions, Tom Durante

VEP, Andrew Verducchi

Auction Bidding Platform

Greater Giving